White Sling Camis & Shorts

SKU: 14:771#W;5:100014064;200007763:203287806

$19.99 $22.94

The effects of the pandemic might lead to extended delivery times of 1-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Size Guide
size     chest    waist    Pants length    Sling length
S    74-100CM\29.13-39.37'    64-98CM\25.19-38.58'    26CM\10.23'    45CM\17.71'
M    78-104CM\30-70-40.94    68-102CM\36.77-40.15'    27CM\11'    46CM\18.11
L    82-108CM\32.28-42.5'    72-106CM\28.34'-41.73'    28CM\11.02'    47CM\18.5
XL    86-112CM\33.85-44.09'    76-110CM\29.92'-43.30'    29CM\11.14'    48CM\18.89'
2XL    90-116CM\35-43-45.66'    80-114CM\31.49'-44.88'    30CM\11.81'    49CM\19.29'

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